So Who Is Up for Going Vegan?

2012 seems like a good time to rally here on this topic. I don't think this is a debate that can be ignored much longer. Here's a question I asked myself just today as suggested by Dr. McDougall, who famously wrote the McDougall Program quoted quite highly in the Forks Over Knives Documentary and book as well as The Engine 2 Diet.
How many healthy people did you see at the Theme-parks this vacation?

I was shocked when I considered my answer - I saw very few healthy people. Indeed, I do believe we have something of great concern brewing. More so than I previously imagined. 10 Billion animals are slaughtered every year. There are only 6 billion or so humans, no wonder we have something of a health crisis on our hands.

I do not think a plant based diet is something that shouldn't be thrust upon people at all. I do believe however that we have the right to choose to be healthy.

If you are here reading this blog post then you probably know all the facts. What's stopping us from taking that leap towards treating our bodies better and eating healthier. Eating healthier really does promote... GOOD HEALTH - duh :) , WELL BEING and HAPPINESS.

Need a little help? Click here to try for free  the Engine 2 Diet 28 Day Challenge.

Good luck to you if you decide to go for it, and let me know your progress, the ups and the downs. I wont be coming along for the journey though. For the next 90 days I will be eating vegan raw food 6 days a week. I have already been on a 6 day a week vegetarian eating plan for the last 30 days to ease myself into it.

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