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Success at LAST!!! Today marks the completion of my 30 days of Salad. Yes, I made it.

I can’t quite believe that I have done it actually. There’s something just a little too foreign about me – doing something over a sustained period. I never meet my goals. You’re better off betting against me whenever I declare a new quest. But this time something was different. Let me walk you through the last few weeks of my little challenge.

Week 1
This was by far the hardest week and I did everything in my power to make it easy on myself. Pre-cut and washed lettuce. Baby tomatoes that only need rinsing. Mini cucumbers that by their very nature are pre-portioned (unlike a regular cucumber that you need to cut up and reseal). Oh and best (or worst of all) throw away containers. No dishes, no hassles.

I dislike salad. The first week felt pointless. Nothing I was making tasted good. In fact I threw away whole salads because they were so yuck. Round about day 5 I discovered my perfect recipe which I blogged about earlier this month. I pretty much stuck to that salad through the course of my 30 days. The only time i changed it up was on the weekends.

Week 2
This was easier. It still felt like torture but I was resigned to continue.  At the end of this week I got a friend to join me. Granted she was even lazier than myself.

Week 3
Things are looking up. Having a friend share this bounty of greenery and my woes of healthy eating make it bearable – heck even fun. This salad business is not so bad after all.

Week 4
It’s a breeze. I don’t even think about it, I just order a salad at lunch time. In fact there is nothing else I would rather be eating. I am no longer miss snoozy 2pm at the office. I have loads of energy. I’ve thrown out the croutons from the recipe – they give me heartburn. I like the lightness I feel in my body. The clearer thoughts.

In closing I would say that my initial aim was to develop a habit. A salad habit, like the girls on friends who ate a Cobb salad for lunch  everyday for 10 years. From what I’ve read one needs at least 21 days to create a habit. I figured 30 day’s would cement it in good.  I can only report back in another 30 day’s to tell you if this is in fact true. I am confident it will remain a habit – because it does not feel like a diet, it feels like a choice.

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