List of 100 Dreams Exercise from 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam

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Exercising the passion muscle by liking what you are doing. Making a list of 100 dreams or 1000 dreams allows you to cherry pick activities that you might enjoy. Once you start you can discover what you are good at, and what your core competencies are.168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam is a really detailed book on how to make the most of your time. I have enjoyed listening to it. I'll keep you posted on how my 'time management' progress is going.

Here are mine. They are short hand and I filled them out onto my 168 hour spreadsheet.

Contribute to the world by doing what I loveProsperity and AbundanceLove Myself and be  calm and peaceful
write a short storySail for 3 monthsrun on the beach
read poetry by the riverContiki tourrun on the beach in Spain
write a novelgo to see the art in spanpeacock
write a haikugo to chilesplits
get a dogwake up in a house over a lemon orchard100 pushups
work at random housetravel to Italy100 sit ups
work at kindlelevel 2 jimmy barkan Yogahandstand
toastmastersAustraliaside lift
earn 100k dollars a yearwatch tracy chapman in concertdrink wine on a boat
Learn a poem by heartgo to new york and watch a suzanna vega concertwatch the sunset with
Take singing lessonsHigh teapractice ahimsa
seeing a sharkpractice yoga 4 x a week
adding content that enriches my life and othersmeditate daily
invest the hours into how to be richkeep a 30 day project
drive a convertible down a tree awned streetwalk every morning
go to Thailand yoga retreat
go to sleep knowing I am safe
go to sleep knowing I practiced ahimsa on myself for 30 days
Sleep without guilt

Love Myself calm peacefulHappy Healthy LoveFeel Beautiful and Smart
swimming in the seakiss in the rainhave hair long enough to touch my elbows
paddle board yogaget marriedbe 147 lbs
waterdate someone for 3 monthsbe 145 lbs
fallingdate someone for 4 monthskick @ss and be 136 before
skiingDate someone for 2 monthswear a princess dress
reading lifetime reading listread a tauschen coffee table book and drink coffeewear a sailor dress
reading lord of the ringswear a bikini
4 hour work week - read itWait for a committed relationshipsay I approve of myself for 30 days
finish my doctoratejoin match.comstick with my diet for 21 days
be self awarego on a double datemake a small step diet that works
read the courage to healgo on vacation with my bfrealize I am safe
rock climblay on my bed and just talkWear a bikini
do a pull upsay I love you and mean it
run at 8 mph for 30 minutesnot talk to 'him' for 100 days unless he talks firstFriends Hanging Out
Fire an arrowhaving anhanging out with friends
Touch Godaccept love
Stand in a bowl of flowerslove myself and approve of myself
Tie a boat to the shoreLet him go and be ok with it
Know the books in the bible

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