Day 21 Pose – 21 Ardha-Kurmasana Half Tortoise Pose

The Ardha-Kurmasana is a fantastic yoga pose which can make your body more flexible and is a great pose to start your yoga sessions with. The half tortoise yoga pose is also said to help you live longer while promoting increased blood flow with brain, mental clarity, and memory enhancement. I really enjoy this pose for its tension relieving abilities. After completing the Ardha-Kurmasana I notice a big difference in my shoulders and neck. In this post I will give you the steps to successfully complete this Half Tortoise Pose!
Step #1 – Sitting in the Varjra Asana or Diamond pose, rest your buttocks on your heels. Breathing in lift your arms to the sky and bring both your palms together, intertwining your thumbs.
Step #2 – Make your biceps touch your ears as you keep your arms straight. Slowly straighten your back and feel the stretch.
Step #3 – From your waist, pivot down as you exhale until your fingers and forehead gently touch the yoga mat. Hold for 20 seconds and continue to breathe with a normal rhythm.
Step #4 – Come back into the starting position as your inhale, and move your hands straight up so they are pointing to the sky above your head. Breathing out exhale and release your arms. Come back to the Vajra Asana pose.

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