Less is always quicker to clean

So this morning I got up pretty early- and had some time to kill. My cleaning tasks for the day were:

Floors, my room and Dishes.

I positively hate mopping floors - in an effort to avoid them I cleaned the bathroom instead.

But I do like walking on clean tiles. So I'm going to practice saying "I love clean floors" instead of thinking "I hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em".

But back to Less.

While cleaning the bathroom, I realized I had to lift up all my cute glass jars full of cotton wool and ear buds etc to clean underneath them. It was taking FOR-EV-EEEEER. So I just moved the jars out and into my room instead. Chucked my roommates whatnots into a drawer and wiping the vanity surface took no time at all. I even cleaned the toothbrush holders. Awesome. All in I spent 10 minutes on everything.
Since that's out the way - maybe I'll do the floors tomorrow. I do love clean floors.

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