Cleaning experiment

So things are getting better. By this I mean I am not drowning in clorox or knee high in soiled dishes. Last night I got home early and had a look-see at my cleaning schedule. I saw that in the morning I had Towel laundry and dishes.

Well all I did was grab all the towels in the house - including a fishy one that my roommate used for his dog. And chucked them into the washer. That was it. Done. You know how when you are standing in a house that needs to be cleaned and you wonder where shall I start. Then you run the list through in your head. In no time you are overwhelmed by just how much there is to be done. This little list of mine has gotten rid of the frustration and stress that always precedes cleaning for me. Sighs of relief are all I feel now. AWESOME.

Bathroom antsiness - Last night I had this great idea that I would organize bathroom stuff (shower gels and soaps etc in to ORDER) I am a containerizing fiend. Anyhoo, I picked up a jar and found ants. Loads of them. well I subdued the feeling of fright. And thought what would martha do - after a few minutes it dawned on me that I have only ever watched the episode of martha where a pet trainer brought in exotic birds. Then I thought what would a 'treat others as I would like to be treated person do'. So I let them be. And sure enough this morning I saw that they had cleared up the crumbs that had them in a flurry in the first place and were gone.
That's it for now.

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