Finally a Solution for Worn out lettering on your keyboard.

high-visibility-keyboard-stickers Ever wear out your keyboard lettering?  High visibility stickers for your keyboard may be the ideal solution for you.

Need customized stickers for the custom short-cuts you’ve made? Or do you want to include helpful words on a key like a letter like  B (+crtl) to indicate that if you use these two you get a bold letter. The ideas and applications for this product is unlimited.

What about those funny letters. The e with the ‘  on top? An overlay may help you find it easier the next time you need it. Do a lot of business with the UK or maintain a UK website? I bet you have to pull up the symbols tab to find the pound sign. Pretty basic right? But the right short-cut label could save you 10 seconds. Add those up and you’ve saved yourself a heck of a lot of frustration.

KeyTools make a great user friendly keyboard overlay that is borderless and easy to peel.

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