Getting it Together Financially

So my life has fallen apart.   Financially speaking.   I am just unable to keep a budget, save or make it to day 5 after I get my paycheck with a $20 bill in my hand.

So, where to now? I’ve been getting it together.

Correction.  I’ve been trying to get it together.

The final push that inspired this move? I need to buy a car.   My parents were kind enough to give me a good chunk of what I’d needed, but I spent a sizable amount on goodness knows what? All I know is that for that kind of money there should be a flying monkey sitting on my ceiling fan and a talking dog to keep it company. 

How to get it together:

Step 1. Enlist and expert. Just too expensive to consider as an option? Or perhaps they don’t have round the clock surveillance capabilities.  – Like ooooh, let’s say my roommate.   He does crazy things like spend under $80 per week on groceries.  I think perhaps his biggest expense was an annual ticket for the zoo.   He’s so thrifty it makes me cringe with envy.

But let’s mark it down to the fact that he hasn’t discovered Clinique’s super moist kissably cute lip glosses, or Sephora’s royalty card that gets you free samples every $100 dollars you spend.   What about hair?   Every now and then he throws some water and soap at his.  While I have a hair boosting rejuvenator regime (Hey! That’s what it says on the box).

Anyhoo, you get the drift, I’m a girl.   And leaving your finances in the hands of another woman who understands the struggles and the critical moments where you either touch up your highlights or become a recluse for fear of public ridicule.   The intrinsic value of a Coco-Chanel little black dress marked down to $100.   A man will just wrinkle his nose and think up a solution.  Mostly not even close to giving you the funds for either purchase but reasoning out how that saved money will go towards the car of my independence dreams.

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