Invest in your health. It’s money well spent.

Every week I have a $150 to spend on my groceries and entertainment. This week I spent half of it on a single item. Here was my logic behind buying a pair of sneakers:

Sneakers… I have terrible sneakers.  I’ve never been remotely interested in fitness until I came to work for a company that had a twice weekly fitness trainer.  Now that running is not the debilitating chore it used to be, I’m ready to give it a go everyday.  Only sneakers cost around $75.  Notice how that’s half of $150? Good grief.

Looking back- to when I wrote this entry a year ago I can tell you it was money well spent. I am for the first time in my life – in relatively good shape. I can jog about the beach boardwalk for a good 3 miles and I’ve lowered my blood pressure.

At the time I was worried that this purchase would go the way of all my other exercise purchases – gathering dust in some corner out of eye shot so I don’t feel guilty. Let’s face it a lot of dreams get put on the shelf. We dismiss them as childish fantasies of youth that can never be reconciled to our current reality, I say sod that! Spend a little time dreaming, a little money investing and a lifetime reaping the rewards. At worst I would I have had a really comfortable pair of shoes to partake in marathon shopping sprees.

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