Quick 15 Minute Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

This checklist will show you how to get your bathroom shipshape in a hurry. There are moments in our lives when we just don’t have time for the full thorough deep cleaning but we still must make our home visitor friendly in a an unexpected jiffy.

*I like to work from the back of the room coming forward and from the top down. This way I’m never covering the same area twice. How this works in practice - my bath tub and shower are at the back of the room where I start clearing, sprinkling and wiping there and move towards the door where my mirror and sink are. Lastly I tackle the floor with a good mopping. Please adjust this list to fit your own bathrooms layout.

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Laundry  (2 minutes)
First gather all laundry off the floor and place into a hamper, put the towels and mats directly into the washer and start a new load. If they are soiled toweling mats but unfortunately your only set you could turn them over. A care label is a far prettier site than a dirty carpet.
Clear the clutter (2 minute)Any trash that is lying around should be placed into the trash. Empty toothpaste tubes and plastic packaging. Anything on the surface counters other than guest soaps, tissues and decorative items should be stowed away. Empty the bin  - replace the bag and leave the full one out side the door to take to the main trash once you’ve finished.
Sprinkle on the cleaning products (2 minutes)Now that your surfaces are clear you can sprinkle/spritz bath cleaner into the bath, soap holder and shower stall. If your tub is dirty it’s best to let the cleaner sit for a few minutes. Spray the shower door or curtain with the mildew inhibitor. Pour half a cup of chlorine bleach into the toilet. Spray your cleaner onto the toilet seat and trunk. You might want to spray/sprinkle your cleaner onto counter tops and into the sink now.
Time to clean (6 minutes)
Mirror Spray your mirror with Windex or your choice of cleaner and use a soft cloth to buff the surface shiny.
Bathtub Go back to the bath and using water and a sponge give the bathtub inner a good scrub. Wipe the side of the bath with a damp cloth to remove the accumulated layer of dust. Wipe down the walls of the shower with a cleanly rinsed damp cloth. Most of the grime should be removed and now rinse.
Using the toilet brush give it a good quick swish concentrating on obvious stains. Flush, rinse and remove brush.
Wiping down surfacesWipe down the countertops, sink and the exterior of the toilet with a clean damp cloth or paper towel.
Floor (2 minutes)Use a Swiffer to glide the dirt towards the doorway. Once you reach the door use the Swiffer pad as you would a paper towel and scoop the dirt, wrap it into itself and place it into the garbage bag at the door. Take the garbage out to the main trash. If you don’t have a Swiffer – use a damp paper towel to lift of noticeable stains that wont be covered by your bathroom mats.
Finishing touches (1 minute)Place a new set of mats on the floor.Place a fresh set of guest towels and candles out.

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