How to clean Mildew

Mildew occurs when mold is allowed to flourish in a warm damp, dark atmosphere. This article will show you how to prevent mildew, eradicate it from the bathroom, attic, upholstery and leather.
Preventing mildew:
Usually drying out damp areas will do the trick. Water damaged surfaces should be dried too as soon as they are discovered. Another good tactic is to keep your home well ventilated clean and dry. Cleaning with soap and water is a good method to deal with most mildew stains. A mixture of diluted bleach and water however is good for killing mildew outright. Straight bleach gives off toxic fumes so it is best to use it diluted.

Switching on a motorized vent or opening a window after you take a shower can help prevent mildew as it lets steam escape thereby less water is retained.

Eradicating mildew from the bathroom
What you will need:
*  Rubber gloves
*  Soft bristled brush, or a cloth or a sponge can be used for this task
*  Bleach
*  A container to hold your water and bleach mixture
Mix a solution of 1 part bleach to 11 parts water. That’s about 1 tbl per 160 mls of water. Using a sponge, cloth or brush to apply the mixture. Wipe once more with a damp cloth that’s been rinsed clean. Finally go over the area with a squeegee.


What you will need

*  a mask
*  Chlorinated Lime or bleaching powder
*  A broom or vacuum cleaner.
Sprinkle the powder on the floor for a day to absorb the odor. Then either sweep or vacuum the residue off the floor. Please dispose of the bag holding the residue outdoors. A diluted mixture of bleach and water can also be used to get rid of odors by spritzing.

Stains on upholstery
The stained item needs to be removed to the outdoors where you can begin to knock of the stain with a stiff bristled brush. Let the item air in the sun. If the spot is still visible wash the piece according to the instructions on the manufacturers care label.

Make a mixture of 1 to ratio of isopropyl alcohol and water. Dampen a cloth with this solution and then wipe down the leather. Follow with wiping down the piece with a cloth that has only been dampened with water. Let the leather dry in a well ventilated location.

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