Ten Minute Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

When you are in a hurry and visitors are around the corner this is a handy checklist to have on your fridge for quick reference.

When cleaning a room always go from the top down and from the farthest corner towards the door.

Sink (4 minutes)

There should be no visible piles of dirty dishes either in your sink or around your house, instead keep them hidden in the dish washer. Collect all dishes that are spread out throughout the house and bring them into the kitchen. Starting with the farthest room first – you might want to carry a caddy with you so you make fewer trips. Once all the dishes are rounded up pack them into the dish washer and start a cycle.

Dusting *Optional – (1.5 minutes)

Use a feather duster to lightly dust ornaments and decorative pieces you have on display in your kitchen. The scarcely used bar cocktail and entertaining set that was given to my roommates as a housewarming gift is a dead give away that the house was cleaned in a jiffy due to the blanket of dust on its surface.

Counter tops and stove (2 minutes)

Fill a sink with warm water and a little mild dishwashing detergent.
Now that the dishes are out of the way you can wipe down countertops with a cloth dampened in the soapy water, rinse in separate sink. Clean spills and splatters on stove top.

Dishtowels and cloths. (1 minute)

Throw visibly dirty towels into the hamper. Hang up or fold into a neat pile clean dish towels. This will make your kitchen appear neat and orderly.

Floor (2 minutes)

I would recommend having a Swiffer for these time pressured occasions. It’s incredibly quick and it doesn’t require you filling a bucket or squeezing a mop.

Cornices and skirting boards are often left undone *Optional: (1 minute)

Wrap a few paper towels tightly around the handle of a long wooded spoon. Dampen the paper and run the tool along the skirting. Once done remove the damp towel and scoop the dirt with it and toss into the bin.

Fresh scent (30 seconds)

Now unplug the drain and let the soapy water drain away. Use a sponge to scrub both sinks clean. Rinse with clean water. If you have a lime or piece of lemon lying around throw it into the food dispenser to give the kitchen a lemony fresh scent.

Written by Leanne Naidoo

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