How to Clean Brocade

Brocade is a decorative fabric where a various fabrics have been woven together to produce a raised design. The variety of fabrics can range from silk to cotton to even synthetic fibers. Before attempting to clean your brocade first ascertain what fabric it is made out of to determine how best to clean the fabric.

Stain removal

First we need to delicately lift off as much of the stain as we can with a dull-edged knife. Once we’ve removed this surface grime. It’s time to tackle the stain from the inside out due to its raised nature. It’s much like steam vacuuming a carpet – where dirt has to be lifted out or it will sink down into its plushiness.  Thus since treating the stain from the outside will only cause the dirt to sink in further we need to force the stain out.

You will need:

  • Soda water or lukewarm tap water

  • Paper towels (how many depends on the severity of the stain)


Step 1 - Place the fabric stain side down facing on top of a few paper towels.
Step 2 – Take another paper towel and dampen it with the water and dab it onto the underside of the stain thereby forcing the stain into the paper towels below it.
Step 3 – Dab a spot then move onto another area of the stain and dab again. Keep dabbing, changing towels as required until the stain disappears.

Note – Please test these methods first on a small inconspicuous area.

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