How to Clean Vases

An unclean vase can cut short the longevity of your cut flowers. Residue buildup and the growth of algae can block up the stems of flowers leaving you flowers that dry quicker.

Step 1 –

Fill your vase with hot soapy water and scrub clean with a bottle brush.

Step 2 –

Follow by rinsing vase well and allowing to dry completely before placing it back into storage for your next bouquet.

How to remove white mineral deposit stains from your vase easily –
Pour vinegar and salt into the vase and swirl the mixture around. While the vinegar breaks down the deposits the salt will act as an abrasive and gently sour the inner surface clean.

Narrow neck vases –
A bottle brush is a great tool and can make your job far easier. First fill your vase with hot water and then add a couple of denture tablets to the water. Let the liquid stand in the vase overnight. In the morning rinse the bottle and allow to dry thoroughly before placing it back into storage.

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