Quick 10 minute Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

When you are in a hurry and visitors are around the corner this is a handy checklist to have behind your bedroom door for quick reference.

Quick 10 minute Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Make your bed (2 minutes)

My Mom always told me growing up this was the first place you should start because it makes a big surface area look clean and tidy quickly.

Tidy up the clothing and laundry (3 minutes)

Toss last nights dirty clothing into your hamper and hangup any clothing that is still clean. Pack away jewelry, handbags, shoes and accessories.

Take away anything that does not belong in the bedroom (2 minutes)

Dirty dishes, exercise equipment and anything else that does not belong here should be taken to the proper area of the house.

Clear the floor (1 minute)

Clear up the floor area and toss any litter. Stack your bicycle etc against a wall instead of in the center of the room. A clear floor area has the power to make a room feel tidy.

Clear your bedside table surface (2 minutes)

Straighten books, stow away your retainer and lightly wipe the surface with a clean cloth if it is dusty. Use a feather duster on your lamp too.

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