Quick 10 minute Living Room Cleaning Checklist

When you are in a hurry this is a handy checklist to have on your fridge for quick reference.

Quick 10 minute Living Room Cleaning Checklist

Sofa's and Settees (2 minutes)

Neaten the sofas and straighten the cushions. Use a lint roller brush to clear away pet hair.

Clear table top clutter (2 minutes)

Clear away clutter that should not be on any table top surface. If there is an impenetrable mass of clutter settle for bring a little order to it all. Pile books and straighten ornaments.

Dust, vacuum and wipe (2 minutes)

Use a hand held vacuum to pick up crumbs and dust. Concentrate your efforts on the areas in the center of the room.

Clear out what doesn't belong in the room. (2 minute)

This goes for gardening tools and the bike that needs fixing. Stow them in the garage or the room in which they belong.

Stow away remotes and accessories(2 minutes)

Put away remotes, CD boxes and the play station box. Clear items towards the edge of the room. If you have a nice clear serene area in the middle of the room it should give the illusion of calm.

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