How to Clean Doors

Doors are just one of those household surfaces that finds itself being ignored mostly because it’s in so much use. Dust and dirt collect on it’s surface and within its crevices this article will show you how to tackle the cleaning task at hand.

Removing Surface dirt –

Step 1 – wipe down the door with a dry cloth.

Step 2 – To tackle the crevices, tie a towel onto the bristled head of a broom and brush the door down paying closer attention to the crevices where dirt accumulates.

Step 3 – Intricate detailed area’s can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush. Follow this by dry dusting with a cloth.

Stained wooden doors -

Once the door is free of surface dust and grime you can polish the with a furniture polish or aerosol polish specifically made for stained wood.

Painted doors –

Now that the door is free of dust you can wash the painted door with one of these homemade solutions –

Solution 1 combine the following into a plastic bucket-
3, 5 liters Warm water
½ a cup of ammonia
¼ cup of white vinegar
¼ cup of washing soda

Solution 2 combine the following into a plastic bucket-
3,5 liters warm water
1 cup ammonia
1 tsp mild dishwashing liquid

Cleaning Method -
Soak a sponge with one of the solutions you chose to make above to clean the door. Squeeze the sponge thoroughly and wash the door wiping from the bottom upwards in circular motions. This is method will help you avoid run marks. Rinse the sponge often in a separate bucket of fresh rinsing water to avoid transferring dirt back onto the door.

How to clean door knobs, knockers and other accompanying hardware

Ceramic and glass door handles on the other hand can be wiped with  a cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol.

Brass hardware – Use a metal cleaner like Brasso to give a gleam to your doorknob.
You can seal the door with plastic wrap and masking tape to avoid soiling the already cleaned door.

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