How to clean Perspex or Plexiglas

When I was a child Perspex seemed to be a real fashion wave. It was used  instead of glass to cover tables, counters and was even used for chopping boards. This remarkable sheet plastic or acrylic can be found in many forms around the home.

Never clean Perspex with your ordinary window cleaner, until you’ve ascertained that it does not contain ammonia as this ingredient will eat into the plastic.
Do not dry dust as the friction can grind the dirt into the surface of the Perspex
Do not use solvents (nail polish remover, petrol or paint thinner) and /or abrasive cleaners on your sheet plastic.

How to clean acrylic

Step 1
Apply a solution of warm soapy water to the acrylic with a soft cloth. Rub gently with the cloth to loosen the dirt. Rinse and turn over the cloth often during the washing.

Step 2 Removing tar or oil *optional
Daub the acrylic with paraffin or naphtha solvent, follow my washing immediately with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

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