How to Clean Flags

Flags can be a laundry room’s nightmarish item. Colors that any sane person would separate out in order protect the rest of the load from the bleeding fabric. But these very colors are combined into one flag making it impossible to wash even apart. Well until now that it. Banner’s also often sport appliquéd designs with additional contrasting colors.

Your first step should be to check the instructions that came with the flag or banner. If your flag is of historic relevance a local museum may be your best bet so that you can treat your particular flag with the utmost care.

If no instructions are available try to determine what fabric your flag is made out of – you will usually find they are polyester, cotton or nylon.

Nylon or Polyester –

This fabric is usually safe to place into a washing machine on a warm gentle cycle with mild detergent. The flag or banner can then be hung out to try or dried in a tumble dryer on a very low setting.

Cotton –

Consider how much you value the flag. I say this because dry cleaning is the safest route to clean a cotton flag especially if there is a chance it will bleed colors when you attempt to wash it.

Woolen –

  • These should definitely be dry cleaned.

  • If you are going to ignore my dire warnings are willing to take the chance of doing it your self, make sure you spot test a small inconspicuous area first for color fastness.

Tip –

You can extend the longevity of your flag by not leaving it out in the rain or strong winds. If your flag does get wet make sure to dry it thoroughly to prevent mildew and mold from breeding on the flag.

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