Settings you need to adjust on your WordPress blog - Permalinks

You’ve uploaded your blog, unpacked it like an antique chess set and placed it on display in your front room. It’s beautiful, just as you’ve imagined only you can’t seem to stop moving the individual pieces around trying to make the best of all the components on show.

In other words since you’ve uploaded your blog you haven’t stopped playing around and tweaking it - striving to get the most out of your blog.

Publicizing, monetizing, theme optimizing, it never stops. Here is an adjustment I came across and I wish I had read up on sooner.

These are the individual URL’s for each post on your blog.

Make them user friendly thus can be read by a grade 8 school child or the Google’s search engine. Get rid of the default numbered URL’s.

If you would like to rank in Google, remember computers don’t read content people do, and that’s what Google’s search engine is trying to mimic.  The jargon around the web for this is Keyword rich, SEO and user friendly. Change your permalink structure to

his way each URL is unique. You can find this option in your Wordpress blog Admin under Settings > Permalinks.

My links now read like this:

This is one of the adjustments I have personally made on this blog and I’ve been happy with the results.

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