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How to export your VOX Blog into WordPress

VOX is a great free blogging platform but they do try their darnedest to keep you blogging on their site by making it difficult to transfer your content. Yesterday while searching for a way to export my VOX blog into WordPress I stumbled across the wide world of RSS feeds. It’s a wonderful messy world – I even got distracted and found myself setting up a feedburner account, er...more on that in another post.

After much further research, I found the easiest way to bring my blog over since I didn’t have an IT degree was to find a full text RSS feed of my VOX blog. Once this RSS 2.0 or xml file was saved onto my local drive I could then import it into my WordPress blog. Great!

In case you would like to find your own VOX full text RSS feed try this URL -
Mine was
So let’s do this together in steps

Step 1

Open your full text RSS in a web browser. I did mine in Firefox.

How to Clean Light Fixtures

At some point in the next six months you’ll have to change a light bulb and that’s the perfect time to clean out a light fixture. Light fixtures accumulate dirt, dust and insects and need to be cleaned regularly. This article will show you how to take on this task safely so you can complete it quickly.
Wall or ceiling fixture –
Step 1
Turn off the light switch.

Step 2
Position a sturdy step ladder close by.

Step 3

Fill the sink with hot soapy water.
Lay a rubber mat or towel on the bottom of your sink, this will prevent damage to delicate objects you will be washing.
Step 4 Washing removable parts

Remove the shade, grille, shields, globes or tubes. Place all pieces except globes, screws and tubes into the water.
Immerse pieces and begin cleaning with a soft sponge or cloth.
Follow by rinsing and drying each piece with a soft cloth.
Bulbs can tubes can be damp wiped but be certain to avoid the ends that plug into sockets. I personally would leave this out.
Step 5 Washing fixed parts

Dip your cloth…