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How to Clean Pearls

You never forget your first strand of pearls. They complement any outfit and lend an air luxury and sophistication. Pearls are very sensitive and require delicate cleaning techniques. The value of pearls are often determined by their outward appearance (luster, color and thickness of the exterior coating) so it’s best to take care when attempting to clean your jewelry.

What can harm your pearls?

Perspiration – the acids found within sweat can erode the nacre (exterior coating). Avoid wearing your pearls if you are physically exerting playing sports.

Ammonia, most dish washing liquids, ultrasonic cleaners, commercial jewelry cleaners not specified for pearls, steam cleaners, bicarbonate of soda, bleaches, abrasive cleaners including powered cleaners, lemon juice and vinegar.

Your beauty routine – If you’ve read the list above you’ll understand why it’s best to leave putting on your pearls till last. Makeup, perfumes and hairspray are all capable of being absorbed and thereby damaging t…