Build your own Mini Office Photo Studio

Hi Everyone,

This morning I built my own mini Office Photo Studio. All you will need are some sheets of large white paper (raid the color copier for the good stuff) or in a pinch file folders, Manila for a background; a small strong flashlight  for lighting ( I use the one on my keys), a tissue to diffuse the light. Your phone for the camera.

I have been driven to this by my 3 inch heels and the downpour outside that prevents me from going out into elements so that I can access the company photo studio. Not only is there rain but there are special keys and fancy camera's (with too many buttons) and quite frankly the thought of all of that hoopla had me wondering whether a photo was really all that necessary.

By no means am I a professional photographer, I'm just a blogger who likes to read craft magazines and bring the clippings into work. And after reading a great article on how to take great pictures of my finished pieces of art, i thought how can I apply this to my Life. Hence the Office studio

Let's get building:

1. The perfect space to set up? Clear some shelf area in a corner.

Why the corner? That way you won't have to worry about cropping out the clutter that will find its way into the shot.

2. Background? Tape up the paper so that the base of the shelf and the walls are covered.

This is your background and set. It will definitely help when it comes to lighting the area sufficiently and avoiding shadowy areas. You won't have to deal with the ugly gray metal of your filing cabinet or the spot on the wall from the spilled coffee.

3. Lighting?

Shadows don't look good in pictures. They just don't people unless you are trying to be the understudy for Tim Burton. Turn on your flashlight and place the white tissue over the flashlight and aim it indirectly at your subject while at the same time trying to displace the shadows. Remember in your other hand will be your camera. Hey, I'm trying to get chocolate on the budget, after that I'll look into getting a tripod.

The one of the left is without lighting and the one on the right is with lighting. The difference is subtle, I need a better torch OR once we've settle the chocolate budget maybe I could wiggle my way into getting a desk lamp.

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