Yoga Blocks and Getting Your Splits

I have lost my splits. Yes they are gone. Sunday I decided to remedy the situation and purchased some inexpensive yoga blocks. They were a bargain at $5 each at Marshall's my local discount store.
I'm practicing and easing into the splits twice daily with the aide of my blocks. They help me balance my body while still deepening the stretch without injuring myself. As much as I would like to fight fear and just relax into the pose - I have this awful feeling my knees will pop and I will be on crutches for the rest of my days. Then I look at my vision board and I think Bird of Paradise is darn well worth it. That's my dream pose. It's the cherry. The day I get that, I'll ... I hate that. It's not like my life will start on that day. What about the painful determined and glorious journey towards that pose. Hmmmm. That's what I would like to concentrate on. For now, it's the splits and I am perfectly happy here.

For here is where I am, not in the past and not in the future - just here.

Ooooh but still how about a quick peek into what that future could be?

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