A Course in Miracles

An Introduction to A Course in Miracles: A Course in Miracles. This is what came next after I read David R. Hawkin's Power vs. Force. I have a small belief - that the right book will find you at the right time, right place, right you.

And once again here we are. A Course In Miracles. ACIM as you will see it referred to all across the web. And many many many people are into it. I had been introduced to it 3 years ago. And of course I was not in the right place for it and so largely ignored it as Christian manifesto propaganda. Like I said - it wasn't the right time.

About the book:

The book basically comes in three parts - Text, Workbook and a Manual for Teachers. Like Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch this book was similarly said to be scribed by Dr. Helen Schucman. And who was she scribing away for? Well.

The text portion of book presents the theory section. It's the heavy 'because' and answers all the whys.

The Workbook portion is just that a years worth of day by day lessons to help you on your way towards salvation? enlightenment? It's aim is to change your perception, it is here to help you begin your spiritual journey.

Manual for Teachers - this part is written in question and answer form. I scribbled that directly off Amazon's review as I have not even paged that far yet. In fact I am on Day 4 and having a blast. Let me please say this. My perception has changed drastically.

I'll say that again. My perception has changed drastically and I am only on Day 4. I say this every book I read. And it's true. I haven't become complete like a Sunday crossword puzzle, I'm a little more complex than that and I'm evolving here sweetheart. Bear with me and my oohing and aahing at the world. I'm in love with love and loving every moment.

Here is a review I found on Amazon that touched me~

But most of all, A Course in Miracles is a source of healing for everyone. If you're depressed or otherwise mentally unstable, suffering in some way from your past, or just stuck in some 'unlucky' life predicament, this book is a way out. Like several reviewers mentioned above, I never believed that one book could change my life. But it did. And I want it to do the same for anyone else who still wants to believe that there has to be more to this broken-down world than eating and working and sleeping and breeding and dying and then just maybe a Big Mean Judge waiting at the end. It's not easy, it's not instant gratification, but it's a solution and a permanent one, and it doesn't involve a bullet or fast train."

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