Take this Simple Quiz to Determine your Personality Traits

personality quiz fish This is a really great quiz to determine what your personality traits are. This is an important step towards happiness because it will give you a mental orientation point. You will know how to navigate towards happiness - you will know just which direction you need to head off in. Sound too good to be true? I thought the same. But if done correctly you will have the same A-HA moment I did.

Do not read any further until you are ready to take the test or you will spoil the results.By all means bookmark this page and come back later when you have the time but please don't spoil what could be a pivotal life changing moment for you.

Knowing what your dominant traits are will help you understand why you are prone to being depressed. Why is it I can't ever get to work on time etc. It will also help you understand the people close to you. Why is Jason always so critical and neat obsessed, yet I wish I could succeed in business the way he does. This quiz will help you understand Jason's motivations and why he is the way he is in a very general but eye-opening sense.

Sam Gosling's Book - Snoop is a really great starting point if you would like to do some further reading on personality traits. I can absolutely  recommend it as a fun, non-stop turn the pages till your done kind of book. In fact the following quiz is an excerpt from his magnificent text.


Please rate the statements 1 - 10 according to the following key:

A Little
Neither agree nor
A Little
Agree Strongly

eg. If you agree strongly with the statement put 7. If you see yourself as more Extroverted than Enthusiastic put down the score as you would answer for both. Hence I am extroverted +-1 and enthusiastic perhaps a +-5. So for both however I felt I was a 4. It really is up to your own interpretation. You can't get this wrong. Just go with your gut instinct and avoid thinking too much.

I see myself as___

I see my self as
1.Extroverted, enthusiastic
2.Critical, quarrelsome
3.Dependable, self-disciplined
4.Anxious, easily upset
5.Open to new Experiences, complex
6.Reserved, quiet
7.Sympathetic, warm
8.Disorganized, careless
9.Calm, emotionally stable
10.Conventional, uncreative

Finished? Wonderful let's calculate your results. I placed the scoring card on the next page so as to not influence your results.

Your Score:

Great let's calculate your Big Five Score:

Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You
Openness: (8- your score on item 10) + your score on item 5

Conscientiousness: (8- your score on item 8 ) + your score on item 3

Extroversion: (8- your score on item 6) + your score on item 1

Agreeableness: (8- your score on item 2) + your score on item 7

Neuroticism: (8- your score on item 9) + your score on item 4

Great now we have your score for each of the Big Five Personality Traits.

Ocean is a good acronym to help you remember the traits. Write down your score.

The next step is to discover what these traits can reveal to you about your own personality that you don't know yet. Knowledge is our greatest tool for self discovery. A great book to read is
Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You - it's an interesting leap into another tangent of personality.

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