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  What is this blog about:

  1. Learning the theory behind happiness .
    Or should I have said theories? Everyone has a book, everyone has a website and apparently the answer. I trawl these resources and try to gather as much knowledge as I can. But here's something interesting unless you know how to identify treasure you can't tell what's good from what's refuse. If I am not in the right place spiritually - I won't recognize a gem. I wish I were enlightened but I'm not. Not even close but by golly I'm working on it.

  2. Finding yourself.
    That term has been mangled by many a wandering philander that now it's just another word to refer to a selfish git who doesn't take responsibility for his actions and neglects t his responsibilities. Speaking for myself I haven't abandoned any babies or lived on my parents couch for the last 5 years, yet I am tenaciously uncovering my authentic self daily. The results I've found so far are not me donning a saffron robe and handing out flowers at an airport * instead I'm kinder, happier and more at peace. Anger dissipates more readily, fear is now just a tightness in my chest and a wobble in my tummy not a paralysis that downs me for days any longer. Depression - I once couldn't get out of bed, I lay there like some kind of beached whale crying till my eyelids burned.*(don't start I love everything Hare Krishna)

  3. My 30 day trials.
    This is something that is new to me. Sticking with something for 30 days? I have already done two 30 day experiments: I ate a Salad a day for 30 days and I did the Gerson Therapy for 30 days at a specialized Gerson Therapy Hospital in Mexico. Right now I have begun A Course In Miracles. Steve Pavlina does 30 day trials to great success. 30 days is enough for you together form a habit or discard the experiment altogether if it turns out to just not be the right avenue for you. Anything less than 30 days is well... not giving the prospective new habit a fair chance.

  4. Build a bag of tools:

    • I will bring you new idea's to tackle to tackle your old habits.

    • I will share my favorite websites with you - that keep delivering quality content to help clear your path towards enlightenment.

    • The teachers I've learned from whether from books or retreats I attend. I will share their teachings with you, so that we can all learn.

  5. Achieving the Perfect Weight
    Will I ever reach a happy place in regards to my weight? Let me share with you all the ways I have tackled this one. I don't have the answer here. I'm sorry. I have tried everything from diets, to eliminating, to fasting, to insanity. Overeaters Anonymous, Jillian Mckeith, Geneen Roth, raw food, and Martha Beck.

  6. Incorporate Fitness into Your Daily Life - Yeah, here too I've been enrolled in gyms, yoga centers, dance classes, had a personal trainer, fitness buddy. Billy Blanks Taebo, Jillian Michaels, and every fitness app available on iTunes. Everything.

  7. Goal Setting - I have so many interests, loves and just little things that seem to be out of my reach that they lay lackluster on a shelf too high. I hope to learn Spanish fluently (well Italian really, but I bought the Rosetta Stone for Spanish), I want to write, write write - funny tales of a young woman who is just emerging from her shell into the wonderful world. Yoga - I would like to be a yogi - every pose fluid and graceful. Calm - be at absolute peace - no stress. How do I intend making these part of my nature? Well with 30 day trials and lots of help from my higher power.

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The Courage to change the things I can,

And the Wisdom to know the Difference.

Thy Will not mine be done.


Reading this list you might think I may be the worst person to read, but hear listen to this. I have tried everything, lived everywhere and I am not afraid of failing.  Regardless of how hard I fall down I'll tell you about it. I wont hide any of the bad in amongst the good. We all have our journey. Take what works for you and leave what doesn't.

How did I come to this new resolution?

Today while sitting in the kitchen of my writing partner we began to talk about a woman's organization we are trying to get off the ground. It's a fabulous concept - a place for women to come together for fellowship, entrepreneurship empowerment and fun. So not your average boring professional woman's group where the end objective is to swap business cards.

Instead we were struggling with the question of what this group of women will be when it's off the ground. And neither of us had any real clue.Then something dawned on me. Did I have any clue what I wanted you the reader to get out of this blog? I had no end in sight. Just yesterday for the first time I realized someone was actually reading it. Traffic was just myself for so long that I began treating this site as a place for me to rant and tirade my grudge of the day.

I was so embarrassed that I began to think well, this blog can't just be about that, it has to be a learning tool. Something in your arsenal to help give you a word of encouragement in your darkest, and I mean darkest hours.

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