Hot Yoga 30 Day Challenge

What a great day to start a new Yoga Challenge. The next 30 days are dedicated to learning the 26 Postures in Hot Yoga and its sequence. Knowing the Sanskrit names would be a bonus I can live without for now – but that would be kinda neat though so I will include them here for you.
Why should you read about my Journey? Perhaps you will identify with me, engage with me by commenting and sharing your own yoga journeys. I’m your average girl screeching towards 30 in 3 months. I’m out of shape and, Yes I’m scared. I’m plump and do not resemble a pretzel in the least. Yet I would love to have this as my daily morning wake up ritual to do outside during sunrise. Can you imagine it?
Here is a video where Naomi Clark demonstrates all 26 postures in Hot Yoga, so you know what we are getting ourselves in for.

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