Day 5- Posture 5- Standing Head to Knee Pose

This pose is also known as Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana  in Sanskrit. Interestingly enough or Prasarita Padottanasana which is Wide-Legged Forward Bend with Feet Grab. This pose is really about releasing the fear. Letting go and trusting the earth and your body. The moment you get this pose and your head brushes the mat and you feel the stretch in your spine you begin to trust the universe a little more to always have your best interests.

Step 1 ~ Stand on your yoga mat, and turn to the right wall so that your body is facing the right wall. Wipe down your hands and feet so that they are dry. Stand in Tadasana
Step 2 ~ Take your right foot and step approximately 3 feet out to the side. Feet should be parallel to each other with toes pointing forward.  Press your hands on the small of your back to give you support as you bend forward. Hinge forward until your upper body is parallel to the floor, take your hands and grab your heels one at a time. You can bend your knees as you do this. Tighten the back of your legs so that you are grounded and steady. As you get more proficient you will swan dive down and slide your finger tips under your heels while bending your knees slightly in a one fluid motion.
Step 3 ~ Do not put any weight on your neck by pushing down with your head on the floor in this next step. Life the chin and pull on the heels by bending at the elbows as you come down further. Lift your hips up. Straighten your spine and you bring yourself further down, looking straight ahead. Come back up gently and repeat.

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