Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana: Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose

The Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana yoga pose is a great pose to help with enhancing flexibility and is said to help with increasing sexual energy. It can also help with strengthening your back and is great for helping to prevent insomnia, anxiety, headaches and fatigue. This yoga pose can also help with stretching your overall body. In this post I am pleased to bring to you the steps needed to complete this yoga pose.
STEP 1: With your torso upright, sit on the floor with your legs out wide. With your left knee, bend it and with your heel snug it into your left groin. With your right knee, bend it slightly and with your heel slide it toward your right buttocks a few inches.
STEP 2: Leaning to the right, exhale and with the back of your right sided shoulder, press it against the inner side of your right knee. With your right forearm, lay it on the inner side of your right leg with your palm facing up. Lengthen out your torso’s right side along the inner side of your right thigh. Next take your right palm and turn it toward the inside edge of your foot and take a hold of it with fingers on the sole and your thumb on the top of your foot.
STEP 3: Anchor the pose by placing the femur bone on your left leg. With your left femur, press it firmly on the floor as you extend your right knee and inhale. With the back of your shoulders keep it connected against your knee as you extend it. Your torso will be drawn out by the straightening of your knee. Twist your torso when your knee is straight so it moves towards the ceiling.
STEP 4: With your left arm, inhale and straighten it up toward your ceiling before leaning it slightly back. With another inhale sweep your arm behind your left ear before taking a hold of your right foot’s outer edge. Take your elbows and press them away from each other before using them similar to a crank to help with twisting your upper torso just that little bit further. Look at the ceiling while turning your head.
STEP 5: Hold for a minute before you come out by untwisting your torso first. Without coming upright sweep it so it moves to the left midway between both your legs. Inhaling, lift yourself into an upright position but remember not to come directly up from a twisted position. Change sides and repeat for the same time.

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