Parivrtta Trikonasana: Revolved Triangle Pose

The Parivrtta Trikonasana or revolved triangle pose is a great pose for helping to tone the legs while releasing the thoracic spine. It is also said to help with invigorating the abdominal organs and can stimulate digestion. I find this pose can also help with improving my balance and overall flexibility. In this post I will give you the steps needed to complete the Parivrtta Trikonasana successfully.

STEP 1: Start by standing in the Tadasana pose. Exhaling, lightly jump or step your feet so they are about 4 feet apart. With your arms, raise them up so they are parallel to the floor and actively reach them out to the sides with your palms down so they are shoulder blade width apart. With your left foot, turn it to the right 45° to 60° and with your right foot turn it out to 90°.  With your right heel, align it with your left heel and firm your thighs. Your right thigh should be turned outward so the centre of your right kneecap is lined in the centre of your right ankle.

STEP 2: Turn your torso so it moves to the right while exhaling and with your hip joints square them as much as possible with the front edge of your mat. Bring your left side hip so it moves to the right and resist your left thigh bone’s head back and ground firmly to the left heel.

STEP 3: Exhaling, with your torso turn it further to your right before leaning forward over your front leg. With your left hand reach down to the floor if you can, otherwise place it onto a block. Next take your left hip and allow it to slightly drop toward the floor. When doing this you may feel your right sided hip slip to the side and lift up slightly toward the shoulder while your torso hunches over the front part of the leg. Actively press your outer right thigh to the left to counteract this and release your right hip away from the right shoulder. If necessary, use your right hand and create 2 movements by hooking the thumb into the crease of your right hip.

STEP 4: Students beginning this pose should keep their head in a steady neutral position so they are looking straight forward. Experienced students can gaze up at the top thumb. Between your shoulder blades at the centre of your back, press your arms so they move away from your torso. Most of your weight should be brought on your front hand and back heel.

STEP 5: Hold between 30 seconds to 1 minute before exhaling and releasing the twist. Bring your torso back into the upright position with an inhale. For the same length of time repeat with your legs reversed before twisting yourself to the left.

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