Truth is God by Mahatma Ghandi

There is an indefinable mysterious Power that pervades everything. I feel it, though I do not see it. It is this unseen Power which makes itself felt and yet defies all proof, because it is so [...]

How to Make Pride and Vanity Disappear

Be Just Be self-controlled. Keep quiet when people mock at you, talk ill of you and ridicule you. Simply give a divine smile. Show your strength. Remain in those places where you will be [...]

So Who Is Up for Going Vegan?

2012 seems like a good time to rally here on this topic. I don’t think this is a debate that can be ignored much longer. Here’s a question I asked myself just today as suggested by [...]

Kindness by Sri Swami Sivananda

< ![CDATA[Glory of Kindness He who has kind thoughts is ever calm and cheerful. Loving and kind thoughts increase the flow of vital energy in the body. Kindness is a language the deaf can hear [...]