Day 1 Barkan Method Yoga Teacher Training

Today we Officially started our yoga teacher training. It might be fun to share with you diary style what the day was like. I probably wont be as detailed as I am today for the rest of the month with these posts, and will likely focus more on the core concepts we study in class. In the spirit of sharing...

Here is a diary of what the day was like:

I woke up this morning a little groggy and deathly scared of being late. If you are late too many times, you don't get your certificate. Keeping good time is a real priority for me. So when my 5.30 alarm sounded, I hit snooze, and was jarred awake by my 2nd backup alarm. After a quick shower, and a dropper full of vitamin B12, I prepared a shake to drink after the morning meditation.

Bag packing is an art. If it fits it travels. I packed all the books and my electronics. Half the text books aren't  available in any ebook store. The bag was really HEAVY... So heavy I wont be doing that again. We didn't use any of the text books I lugged to class until 7:30 pm. So I wont pack them tomorrow morning. In fact I'll just make a separate book bag for class.

The drive was restful, I took a longer route that goes along the beach ~ Just such a Gorgeous View.

When I arrived there was a bit of a scramble in the parking lot as we tried to figure out the hotel parking situation. Valet pre-pay for the duration of the Yoga teacher training was an additional $120.00, Yikes. Luckily we live in an abundant universe and I had the money on me.

We all gathered on the deck at the back of the hotel facing the beach. There was a lack of towels. The parking attendant informed us that he had left towels for us in the Yoga Room. Good stuff, I took a few and handed them out to fellow yoga students. I'm kind like that. Later I learned those towels were meant only for Jimmy and that the receptacle I threw my used towel into was just for trash. So far, so good.

The sun salutations were a triumph and a disaster mixed into one. We were meant to be in sync as much as possible, but I kept getting the legs wrong. Then there was the moment my towel scrunched up and I would have to... gasp touch the sand when I did my chattaranga. I have a small aversion to dirt. I wore my sweater because of the wind, only after 5 Sun Salutations, I was hot and sweaty and my my aversion to dirt wouldn't let me take my sweater off to lay it on the sand.

Sun salutations over, we meditated for 15 minutes.

8am to 9.35 am was our first  hot yoga class with Jimmy. It was nowhere near as hard as I thought it was going to be. The training is going to be fine. It's a matter of learning the Sanskrit posture names and the sequence tonight.

10 am - 12 pm was Lunch. 2 hours seems like a lot but it flew by. All it gives you time for is a quick shower, a really quick lunch a little bit of blogging.

12 pm to 3:30 pm was the Sequence Drills and Posture Clinic. Today we learned Surya Namaskar and Ardhra Chandrasana. There is only one thing I am not sure about and that's the rocking you do to jump back into plank from forward fold.

4pm - 5:30 pm Hot Yoga Class. It was good. Real good. I can hold separate leg head to knee pose under the foot. I just said, bugger it, I can say stuff is too hard after the class. For now anything is possible.

7:30 pm Now I am off to learn about Pre-pre Classical Yoga History. I'm done blogging for the day because I have to learn the poses tonight. Another more pressing reason is that I am so tired. Just so tired and I am pushing myself to study tonight.

Much Love

Talk to you guys again tomorrow.


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