Dirty Dancing and Tatum Channing

Dancing Photo by Tim Gouw
Searching for shirtless photos of Patrick Swayze on Google can be treacherous, please remember SafeSearch is not just for kids. Last night I felt like watching a little romance so I got out the classic Dirty Dancing.

The scene where Baby seduces Johnny is a bit perplexing. I find it incredulous that she takes such tremendous steps to get him to even give in to their having an intimate relationship. As a last resort she grabs his bum and voila, signal received loud-and-clear Johnny gets it and they kiss.

Here is what I wanted to show you, a really funny video spoofing that scene in the movie where Baby and Johnny kiss. This time with Tatum Channing – he totally wow’d me with his acting talents. I mean he really is talented.

Here's the video CineMash Dirty Dancing ~ Tatum Channing and Charlyne Yi Cinemash, Enjoy

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