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Exercise and Socialize are Natures Stress Cures

Exercise and Socializing ---These natural cures to stress actually reduces cravings.

As much as losing weight is on my mind. There are other stressors that have entered the arena.

Employee's who use their companies gym are more productive.

Children who run daily do 30% better on cognitive tests than their non-exercising peers

You take few sick days

The benefits go on and on.

Reducing stress helps you recover and increase your immune function and fend of stress and depression.

Anxiety and Stress shows up as FEAR. Worrying when there is no real threat you lose perspective and you cannot think straight.

Try to get an exercise that is high intensity, and makes you develop better balance or complexity interpretation.

When I did the Yoga Teacher Training, I woke up everyday no matter what and went to the beach. 5:30 - No Excuses.

Social Anxiety is relieved too.

Exercise? Any exercise will do. Better in the morning, and 5 minutes is enough to have a beneficial effect on your body and min…