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See what I just bought!!! Dorothy Perkins has free shipping till Monday, get an extra 15% off with this promo code INTDP15 Size 8 people, let’s see if it fits when it arrives. Fingers crossed.

Trying to be depressed

Ok, so I’m laying in bed trying to be depressed, I am not as good at it as I used to be. I got the food, a piece of cake and 6in sub. When I got home I was like… Darn that’s not [...]

In the 140s

See that picture? It says goodbye double chin. Yes I feel hungry, and I’m about to binge on veggies. There is nothing else in my house. Nothing that tastes as good as spicy steamed veggies. [...]

Size 8 Jeans

Yes I’m down a size. I have also given away my size tens and bought some workout pants. Btw I’m 5.3ft and 152.3lbs. Then I ran away from work and my phone and went to yoga, where I [...]