Day 22 Pose – 22 Ustrasana Camel Pose

The Ustrasana or Camel Pose is a fabulous pose which is said to help with stretching and strengthening the back and shoulders. The Ustrasana yoga pose can also help with opening your chest to improve respiration, relieve lower back pain, improve flexibility, as well as loosen the vertebrae. I love this pose as it helps to improve my posture. It is also great for reducing fat on my thighs which is always a good thing. After completing this pose I always feel healthy and happy! In this post I will give you the steps you need to complete the Ustrasana yoga pose.
Step #1 – With your thighs, knees and hip width perpendicular to the floor, kneel on the floor. Narrowing your hip points, inwardly rotate your thighs slightly and tighten your buttocks. Keeping the outside of your hips soft, imagine you’re drawing your sitting bones into your torso. Press the top of your feet and shins firmly into the floor.
Step #2 – Resting your hands on the back part of your pelvis, make sure your fingers are pointing down and the base of your palms sit nicely at the top part of your buttocks. Spreading the back of your pelvis using your hands, length it towards your tailbone. Firming the tail forward lightly toward the pubis, make sure the front of your groins don’t push forward. To counter the forward tail action, press your front thighs back. Breathing in, press your shoulder blades against the back of your ribs to lift your heart.
Step # 3 – Keeping your head up, your hands on your pelvis, and your chin neat to the sternum, lean back against the firmness of the shoulder blades and tail bones. Touch your hands simultaneously to the feet while holding your thighs perpendicular to the floor.
Step #4 – Check to see your front lower ribs aren’t protruding towards the ceiling sharply as this compresses the lower back and hardens the belly. Lifting the front of your pelvis towards your ribs, then release your front ribs. To keep the spine as long as possible lift your lower back ribs away from your pelvis. Press your palms against your heels or soles while making sure your fingers are pointing towards the toes and the base of your palms sit evenly on the heel. Without squeezing your shoulder blades together turn your arms outwardly so the creases of your elbow face forward. Being careful not to strain your neck or make your throat hard, keep your neck in a neutral position.
Step #5 – Hold for 30 seconds to a minute before releasing. To release bring your hand to the hip points at the front of the pelvis. Breathing in, lift your torso and head up by pushing the points of your hips to the floor. Lead with your heart if your head is back to come up. Rest in the Child Position for a few moments.

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