Day 23 Pose – 23 Sasangasana Rabbit Pose

The Sasangasana Rabbit Pose is a simple and fun pose which can help to extend your spine for increasing elasticity and mobility. It is also a great pose for feeding fresh blood and oxygen throughout the nervous system. I love this pose for its tension relieving properties. Anytime I feel a little tense in the back, shoulders and neck I complete the Sasangasana and feel the effects almost instantly! It’s a great pose to do after times of stress! In this post I will give you a simple explanation on how to easily complete the Sasangasana.
Step #1 – Sitting comfortably on your shins as seen in the Vajrasana thunderbolt pose, place the top of your head in front of your knees so it is positioned on the mat or floor.
Step #2 – Interlacing your fingers behind you back, slowly roll your shoulders away from your ears and down your back.
Step #3 – Keeping your arms straight, lift them over your head. Breathing deeply reverse the clasps of your hands and hold for 5 continuous breaths.

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