Day 26 Pose – 26 Khapalbhati Blowing in Firm Pose

Consisting of alternative explosive and short exhales, along with passive and longer inhales, the Kapalabhati or Blowing In Firm yoga pose can provide a fun challenge for yoga enthusiasts! The Kapalbhati yoga pose is said to help improve blood circulation and respiration of the lungs. It is also a great pose to help with indigestion and removing toxins from your body. Although challenging, I love this pose as it helps me to lose weight around the abdominal area while helping to make my stomach looking trim and toned. In this post I will explain the steps on how to complete the Kapalbhati yoga pose.
Step #1 – Focusing on your lower belly, quickly contract it by pushing a quick burst of air out of your lungs. If you can’t do this, you can cup one hand in the other lightly, and press them against your lower half of the belly to push the air out.
Step #2 – Release the contractions quickly for your lungs to suck the air back into them when the belly rebounds. Slowly pace yourself as you repeat this 8 to 10 times. You should be able to exhale and inhale every second or two.
Step #3 – As you become used to releasing and contracting your belly you can increase your pace until you are able to inhale and exhale 2 times in every second. You can imagine a sweeping out feeling of your skulls inner lining when you exhale.
Step #4 – Completing 25 to 30 cycles at a time, as you gradually become used to this pose you can slowly increase each session up to 100 cycles or more.

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