How to do Yoga Splits with blocks Part 2

Do you need to get your body into yoga splits? Here is a method you can try for yourself. It’s simple and easy.

What you will need?
  • A Good]Yoga Mat
  • 2 Yoga Blocks
  • And a little spare time

Pose 1: Use the blocks to rest your hands as you try to lower your body and deepen the stretch in your legs gently. This process took me several weeks. It is fear that holds you back. Try holding the pose until your body relaxes. The more you relax the further you will stretch.

Yoga Splits Pose 2
Pose 2: Over the next few weeks you can see and feel your stretch deepening.  I have the blocks laying on their taller side.

Yoga Splits Pose 3
Pose 3: Once your body is stretched low enough for your thigh to rest on a yoga block you can push the block under your thigh and rest your weight on the block. The block should support you. Once you feel confident straighten your back so that you are sitting up straight. I rest my hands in my lap.

Pose 4: You can lean forward to deepen the stretch in your thigh. Here I am gripping my foot as I stretch forward.

Pose 5: In this pose I am relaxed  with my hands stretched out forward on the ground.

Yoga Splits Pose 6
Pose 6: Time to deepen the stretch even further by turning the block onto the flat side and resting your thigh on it. Hold and relax. Once you are fully comfortable here you can move onto the next pose.

Yoga Splits Pose 7
Pose 7: Remove the yoga block, support yourself with your hands and lower down the last few inches. Take your time, over the next few weeks you will find that you will lower completely and you will finally have your splits.

A word of caution: Please do not attempt to do anything here without a doctors supervision, or the help of a qualified yoga instructor.

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