Several months ago I heard about Soylent. Then I read about it and bought some. It is still sitting in my cupboard.
Yesterday I took a picture of my fridge – here it is:

skinny girl fridge
That salad was eaten yesterday. Today I ate the last meal in my freezer (the two that are left are pretty gross).
I am saving every last dollar I have. So I am only paying myself $250 a week. My rent is $800 – you do the math. Things are pretty tight, and that soylent is looking pretty good right now.
My plan tomorrow is to fill up a jug of the stuff and take it to work. Sip it all day and come home and go to bed like Oliver Twist.
I love the passion that went behind the creation of soylent. It is vegetarian too.
Tonight is a little different because I haven’t done any work once I got home. I watched tv. Ate some dinner and am now sitting in bed blogging. That’s it. I need a moment to chillax.
Just commit. Make a decision and commit.
Yesterday I looked up Lululemon. Yes I did. I looked them up and I told them my favorite way to sweat is yoga. It is. I love it. I have more books on yoga than some libraries. Maybe Lululemon will write me back, maybe they wont. I told them. I said the words out loud. I took the first step. I feel like I am walking into my greatness.

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