Self Realization Month

The weekend of hurricane Isaac, I began to question my regrets. I only had 2, my lack of having read all the books there are and not having self realization.
Vipassana Meditation promises some liberation from suffering. Suffering is attachment to outcomes, cravings and wanting to hold onto the good sensations, experiences, and people. The Yoga training course and the McGonigal Willpower book I have been reading has gotten me back into Meditation. Meditation itself is not the path to enlightenment; it is merely the bus that gets us to the destination of Enlightenment.
This month I would like to incorporate these things into my life:
  • Meditation
  • Yoga – to establish a seat for meditation
  • Light Nutrition
  • Early morning consistency: Writing and Walking
  • Concentration on my own enlightenment without trying to zealously help others.

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