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Getting it Together Financially

So my life has fallen apart.   Financially speaking.   I am just unable to keep a budget, save or make it to day 5 after I get my paycheck with a $20 bill in my hand.

So, where to now? I’ve been getting it together.

Correction.  I’ve been trying to get it together.

The final push that inspired this move? I need to buy a car.   My parents were kind enough to give me a good chunk of what I’d needed, but I spent a sizable amount on goodness knows what? All I know is that for that kind of money there should be a flying monkey sitting on my ceiling fan and a talking dog to keep it company. 

How to get it together:

Step 1. Enlist and expert. Just too expensive to consider as an option? Or perhaps they don’t have round the clock surveillance capabilities.  – Like ooooh, let’s say my roommate.   He does crazy things like spend under $80 per week on groceries.  I think perhaps his biggest expense was an annual ticket for the zoo.   He’s so thrifty it makes me cringe with envy.

But let’s mark i…

How to organize a small bedroom with little space Part 1

My aim was to be organized. What did that mean?Well If I wanted to find a specific hat - I would only go to only 1 spot and find it. Everything has a home, and everything is in a logical place. I like having a clear open space. That means I like everything tucked away into a drawer out of sight.

Let me share with you how I solved my Problem.
Firstly I took meticulous measurements. Of the exterior and interior of my closet. The rest of my room, my bed, the available wall and floor space for possible cupboards. I measured the space taken up by doors when they are open. I measured the area of cupboards plus space needed to open drawers (sometimes you need to buy shelving without doors and just have pullout  baskets or sweater front open organizers. Have you ever bought a chest of drawers and placed it in the perfect spot only to find you could not open any? I have. Now I’m really careful.

Next step?

What did I need to store in my closet or away from sight? A thorough list is important.


Finally a Solution for Worn out lettering on your keyboard.

high-visibility-keyboard-stickers Ever wear out your keyboard lettering?  High visibility stickers for your keyboard may be the ideal solution for you.

Need customized stickers for the custom short-cuts you’ve made? Or do you want to include helpful words on a key like a letter like  B (+crtl) to indicate that if you use these two you get a bold letter. The ideas and applications for this product is unlimited.

What about those funny letters. The e with the ‘  on top? An overlay may help you find it easier the next time you need it. Do a lot of business with the UK or maintain a UK website? I bet you have to pull up the symbols tab to find the pound sign. Pretty basic right? But the right short-cut label could save you 10 seconds. Add those up and you’ve saved yourself a heck of a lot of frustration.

KeyTools make a great user friendly keyboard overlay that is borderless and easy to peel.