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How to Clean Exposed Wooden Beams

Beams in your home not only give the room a spacious airy feel but lend architectural flair to your living space. However due to their location, high above, it is often a challenge to tackle the spider webs to keep them dust free and clean.
How to dust beams –
Your best tool for this job is either a vacuum with an extendable reach brush attachment of a long handled feather duster. Failing this you could improvise by attaching a lint roller head to the end of a paint roller. If these tools still fall short of the required length to reach the beams you will have to get a sturdy step ladder.

Now run your tool of choice back and forth over the exposed surface to get rid of the dust.
How to deep-clean dirty beams which are clogged with dust –
It’s best to wash the beams with a damp-dusting method.

For beams covered with a polyurethane coating –

You will need:

A sturdy extension ladder
A solution of – water and mild detergent
A sponge mop or face cloths
Damped the cloth in the soapy water and w…