How to Clean Earthenware, Porcelain and Ceramics

The most important thing is to be careful. Handling alone could cause damage to your treasured pieces. Always handle pieces with both hands in an effort to prevent damage, and support decorative pieces from their base.

Use a soft dry cloth. Do not use any cleaning solutions as this may cause your ornament to discolor.


There is an easy way to remember what kind of cleaning your pottery can handle, if you know how it was made?

Machine made pieces that are functional and used daily can usually be placed in the dishwasher. *Always test with an inexpensive piece from the same set.

Handmade pottery should be cleaned by hand.

Never submerge pieces into water as this can cause the pottery to discolor.
Mix a solution of water and a mild dishwashing detergent. Dampen a cloth with this solution and wipe the dirt away. Then using a damp cloth that has been rinsed in plain water, wipe the ceramic piece.
Let the pottery air dry. Drying the piece with a cloth will only incur more handling which increases the risk of damage to the pottery.

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