How to Clean Wigs

Wigs can be made out of human hair or synthetic materials or sometimes a combination of the two. Synthetic hair is far easier to care for but human hair styles and stays much better. Regardless of which you favor this article will show you how to care for wig.

I have short bouncy curly hair like the rest of my lovely family and every once in a while I like having long straight, that-child-might-just-be-adopted hair. Wigs are a great way to show off your individuality or become Britney Spears on Halloween.

How to wash a wig-

1.    Comb the hair gently to straighten.
2.    Fill a basin with tepid water. Add a tablespoon each of shampoo and bicarbonate of soda and allow to dissolve.
3.    Immerse wig into the water and swish around gently.
4.    Follow by rinsing wig well in cool water.
5.    Now in a basin filled with fresh tepid water dissolve a tablespoon of conditioner into the water.
6.    Immerse and swish wig in the conditioning rinse.
7.    Now rinse wig in fresh cool water.
8.    Spread a clean absorbent towel out over a bench and lay the wig down on it. Roll the wing the towel being careful not to wring the fabric.
9.    Unroll the towel and lift the wig and shake it out gently. Loosen the fibers with gently with your fingers. Only attempt to untangle the fibers once the hair is dry.
10.    Set the wig on a tall item like a bottle to dry.

How to remove makeup stains and dirt from the inner cap of your wig –

Create a paste by combining shampoo and bicarbonate of soda. Apply a small amount of this paste to the soiled fabric using a soft toothbrush. Scrub gently until clean.

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