Website Review - WOOT!

This site offers a daily deal on one item until it’s sold out. Sounds simple enough? It’s marketing genius! If you would like to know what’s on sale tomorrow you’ll have to log on to the site to see for yourself, and if you missed out on yesterday’s deal – you’ll have missed out.

Cool Features –

  • Each Woot deal has a humorous rant that you can read on the product. These are really entertaining and are worth a read even if you are not going to buy the product.

  • Woot offers a new t-shirt and wine deal daily too.

  • Special launch events

  • You can keep informed on the ‘Woot’ of the day via their podcast, rrs feed or the iPhone application.

  • There is a large active community where you can post questions, comments and share technical knowledge.

  • Before you sink under the plethora of cool features my favorite is the Woot blog - which if you have a rather off-beat humor you are going to love it.

What I didn’t like -

Lack of Customer Service
There is little in the way of customer service. You are instead encouraged to “call the manufacturer and ask if they know. If you give up and must return it to us, then follow on to the next FAQ entry” *. Higher customer service expenditure presumably would no doubt push up the price of the daily ‘deal’. There are no real people you can talk to – only email addresses where your concerns they promise will be dealt with promptly.

No International Shipping offered.

Performance –

I buy off the website every now and then and have found that their delivery of products is superb. You can order a maximum of 3 units per account per day and pay only 1 delivery charge of $5. So it’s cheap as chips and promptly delivered – well done.

Should you visit or steer clear –

All in this website is a gem. It’s quite a bit like going along to your favorite browsing store at the mall. There’s so much to look at and be entertained by.


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