Holiday Decorations Cleaning Guide

This article will help you understand how to clean all types of
Christmas tree ornaments and holiday decorations without too much fuss from painted
to glass, porcelain, crystal, resin, wooden, sterling silver, glittered and gold plated ornaments. Decorating the tree with the children is one of my treasured family traditions and I even have ornaments dating back to my childhood. Cleaning your holiday decorations can enhance both the appearance and longevity of your ornaments.

Step 1 - Gather together the equipment you will need
Gloves -Depending on the type of ornaments you will be cleaning you may need to wear gloves because the natural oils from your hands can damage paintwork and intricate design of the ornament.  Latex gloves are fine but if your budget allows and might like to invest in soft cotton gloves. Swarovski gloves are a good choice; their is available too which includes the gloves and a brush.
  • Feather duster

  • Soft cotton cloth or jewelry cloth

  • Glass Cleaner - for glass ornaments, Windex is a popular brand

  • You can also try our Eco-friendly Christmas Decoration Cleaner Recipe – suitable for plastic, wooden and glass decorations
Step 2 - Separate your Ornaments so that you are able to pick them up individually by the hanger or hook.

Step 3 - Cleaning method according to the type of ornament you are cleaning.

How to Clean Crystal and Porcelain Ornaments

Crystal generally only needs a light dusting over the surface with a feather duster or a jewelry cloth. Always wear gloves when handling crystal decorations.

How to Clean Glass Ornaments

Spray the glass cleaner or a little of our cleaning solution onto a soft cloth and wipe the surface gently.

How to Clean Painted Ornaments

Dust the ornaments lightly with a feather duster. Be sure to wear gloves when handling painted ornaments so that you don’t inadvertently damage the paint.

How to Clean Glittered Ornaments

A light dusting with a feather duster is usually the safest method to clean glittered ornaments. Monitor how much glitter falls off closely – if it’s too much rather leave the ornament be.

How to Clean Wood and Resin Ornaments

Gently wipe the surface of these ornaments with a soft cotton cloth.

How to Clean Gold Plated and Silver Ornaments

Wipe the surface of the ornament gently in circular motions with a jewelry polishing cloth. Domestic silver, copper, brass and bronze polishing creams are also available at your local antiques store for any specialized ornaments or trinkets that you might have converted into tree decorations too.

How to Clean Acrylic or Perspex Ornaments

Spray a little Mr. Muscle or another domestic Plexiglas cleaner onto a soft cloth and wipe the surface of the ornament gently with a soft cloth.

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