How to Store your Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations are a tradition and are paraded out every year to
be admired adding a cheery festive atmosphere to your home. It’s
important and economical to store your ornaments safely so that they
pristine for year on year use. This article will show you how to organize and store holiday ornaments easily.

You have two options. You can buy an ornament storage box from a retail store or you can re-purpose a large box, bin or basket. The benefit of re-purposing a large box is that you can store ornaments in their original packaging within the box.

Step 1- Preparing the Box

Place a thick layer of scrunched tissue paper on the bottom of your container. You will be keep the packing to just two layers, so bear that in mind when you select your box.

Step 2- Tips to Packing

  • Packing the Bottom layer - Store the hardier ornaments on the bottom. Remember to pack loosely to avoid damaging fine paintwork.

  • Wrap each ornament individually with a single layer of tissue paper.

Step 3 - Packing the Upper layer

Here you will lay the more fragile ornaments. Each ornament here again should be wrapped with a single layer of tissue paper. Offset the upper layer of ornaments so that no ornament sits directly on another.

Step 4 - How to store Christmas light

Method 1.

Cut a slit on either end of an empty wrapping paper tube. Thread the end of the string of lights through one slit. Wind the string of lights around the tube and finally thread the plug into the other end and tuck into the tube.

Method 2.

Use a Two Spool Wire and Cable Storage Bag available at

Step 5 - Where to Store your Decorations

Store your containers of decorations in a dry, cool place that is out of the way for next year. Don’t forget to label the box clearly on more than one side. It’s going to be a year before you need it again and you might not remember exactly which boxes are decorations. Labeling will save you from rummaging through the dedicated 4th of July decorations by mistake.

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