Cobblers Pose - Baddha Konasana

This bound Angle Pose is named as such because this is the position shoe cobblers in India used to sit in when they worked. Great hip opener, and a stretch to add to your routine if you are getting ready for yogic splits. This article will go through the steps of perfecting this pose.

Step 1

You may raise your seat with the help of a cushion or folded blanket.Bring the soles of your feet together in front of you. Use your hands to give you stability, by placing them behind you, now tilt your pelvis forward gently. Open your chest towards the ceiling - in other words let the breast bone float up.

You will feel your inner thighs opening up. If your muscles are tight or you are a beginner. This might be as far as you can go. Do not worry, go at your own pace and your body after a few weeks will relax into the full expression of the posture.

Step 2

With the support of your hands still behind you move your knees away from each other.

Step 3

Bring your hands forward and grasp your feet. Bend the elbows into your calves. Exhale and deepen the fold. Upon the inhalation lengthen from the pubic bone to the throat. Pretend the crown of hte head is being pulled up forward by a string. This will help you to lengthen. Do not bounce or butterfly your knees, rather use the breath to ease into the posture gently.

May your practice be blessed.

Caution: Do not attempt this posture if you have hip, back or knee injuries.

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