Rock the Baby

This is a nice easy hip opener to warm up for ARDHA BADDHA PADMA PASCHIMOTTANASANA (Bound Half Lotus Forward Fold).

Start by Cradling your right leg. Hold your Right foot in your left hand. Hold the right knee with your right hand and tuck back into crook of right elbow. The left foot should be tucked into the crook of your left elbow. Resist the urge to bend forward. This is an easy pose to use as a precurser to other seated poses.

Your shoulders should be relaxed, down away from the ears. The crown of your head should be pointed towards the ceiling. When you are comfortable, rock the leg you are holding gently from side to side. Keep your right foot flexed as you slowly move the knee  beyond the armpit.  Don't forget to breath. Relax.

Caution: Do not practice this pose if you have hip or knee injuries.

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